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Council Description

The Alberta Petro-Chemical Safety Council (Northern) consists of companies engaged in various aspects of, or associated to the Petro-Chemical Industry in Alberta.

The council was formed in the late 1960's as a vehicle for sharing of information and the discussion and possible resolution of occupational health and safety problems that were common in the Petro-Chemical Industry.

When it was first created, the council consisted of producers in the Petro-Chemical Industry who were situated in the Northern Part of Alberta. However, today the membership has expanded to include a good number of service contractors and members who do business in both Saskatchewan and British Columbia. At present, there are approximately 30 member companies who meet six times per year.

The objectives of the Council are as follows:

  • To promote the improvement of Occupational Health and Safety programs of the member companies through collective sharing of information, experiences, programs, and training.

  • To interact with and support other Councils in the influencing of Legislative Bodies in the formulation and application of Occupational Health and Safety Legislation.

  • To establish channels of communication with Safety Professionals, other Safety Associations and the Public when assistance or guidance is needed.

  • To provide recognition to Member Companies for outstanding Safety Achievements on an annual basis.

  • To collectively improve the workplace environment by updating Safety Standards and Loss Control practices.

  • The council is broken down into committees. These committees include:

    One of the most significant portions of our general meetings is the incident review. During this period of the meeting the members share the details of recent incidents which have occurred within their company. This sharing gives all of the members an opportunity to offer suggestions; or even implement controls in their own facilities in order to avoid the same thing happening within other companies.

    The council is also active in the development of training programs, providing input to Alberta Human Resources & Employment, Workplace Health and Safety with respect to regulations that have an impact on our industry and recognizing excellence in workplace health and safety.

    For further information, contact the Council by mail at: P.O. Box 3374, Fort Saskatchewan, AB T8L 2T3
    By fax at: 780-992-3185
    Or by email to:

    Interested in applying for membership?

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